HOA Fact Sheet

Stonegate-Oakvale HOA General Information

HOA Website URL: stone-oak.com 

HOA Email Address: sgohoainfo@gmail.com (this address is new – please update your records)

HOA Bylaws can be found on the Website

Wayne County is responsible for repair of pot holes in the subdivision. Please contact Wayne County at 888.762.3273 or visit waynecounty.com

The HOA does not have any restrictions regarding home owner property improvements (E.g.; patio’s, fences, decks, driveways, etc.). The home owner is required to contact Canton Township regarding restrictions and ordinances related to property improvements.

The HOA lawn contract for 2021 calls for 26 mowing’s. This includes all easements on Lilley and Palmer roads, three parks and twelve courts. The contract also includes a spring and fall clean-up and park trash removal. 

Artmans nursery has added mulch to the playgrounds at two parks. We need your help to keep the playgrounds clean and free of weeds. If you would like to volunteer to help with weed control and general cleanup, let us know by sending a note to our email address.

As long as the rules remain the same for the Canton Township HOA road repair program, we hope to have each road in the subdivision repaired in the next few years. 

Annual Dues Past Due – if any homeowner has not paid their required dues for 2 years or more, we will notify our attorney to place a lien on the property. Please stay current to avoid this process and save the additional legal fees of $350. 

If you know of any neighbors who are not receiving our emails, they can request to have their email address added to our records by sending an email with their address to sgohoainfo@gmail.com

Please DO NOT put corn cobs out for the squirrels.  They carry them to other yards, and the cob portion can be FATAL to dogs.  It interferes with the digestive tract.  

Please check back occasionally as additional information will be added periodically. 

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